The Leaming Foundation

Helping people make better communities and better lives

Welcome to our Community

We are a community led Mental Health Organization established in response to our residents need for accessible support in times of need due to challenges associated with loneliness, or anxiety/depression.

Our Vision

Create confident and connected communities by helping residents and neighbours create and deliver a network of projects, resources, and activities.

Putting local people at the heart of improving their lives and their communities.

Our Approach

What we stand for

As our community has grown in confidence, our residents have created new groups or taken on the delivery of new activities in their community. We are making new connections, which make a positive difference in our lives and communities.

We can
As people and communities we have the abilities and skills to make a positive contribution and to get things done.

Helping each other
Above all we share our experiences and skills, we encourage each other when things are going well and not so well.

We are focused on making a difference and we won’t give up when its gets tough. We learn, adapt and keep going.

Make a difference
We can and will make a difference and pass on better places and communities to our children. We do this through small actions repeated often.

Community MasterChef's at the Alexandria Social cooking group

"The project activities give me a structure I didn’t have before”

Volunteer Profile

Our volunteer attended the Sow and grow sessions along with neighbours, built a community growing space right outside their door! established the Betty’s Bloomers group, growing their own veg.

Last year was their first time growing veg in her home.’ I purchased a small plastic greenhouse and started to grow different herbs and peppers and has recently become the Chair of her local Tenants and Residents association.

“Volunteering with the Leamy Foundation makes me feel I am contributing something worthwhile to my community.”

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