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Helping people make better communities and better lives

Feeling Better Making Better Communities

Better Views; a network social and outdoor activities for all in the heart of our communities.

Prolonged loneliness can lead to depression and anxieties and a limited view of our lives and capabilities. People told us they struggled to ask for advice and help. A majority of people had not accessed any level of support. People told us they wanted positive activities in their communities.

In response we established the ‘Better Views project’ engaging the most vulnerable in our community whose self-belief and lack of confidence limits their view of life. The benefits of gardening and outdoor activities to our general well-being are well documented.

Central Alexandria Growing space@Blue Triangle, Lomondside.

“The project activities give me a structure I didn’t have before”

“I love the ability to grow my own fruit and veg on my doorstep. It’s fantastic.”

What is Better Views?

Taking control
Every one of us can take small steps to improve anything aspect of our lives.

We provide access to the practical experience of our fellow participants.

We provide an introduction to self-management support via our informal and brief 'Mind on Top' sessions opening access to ways we can change our outlook and beliefs.

Making connections
Come along and visit us and find out about our community activities and events. All our activities are free and you will receive a warm welcome.

Sometimes getting outside is all we need for a break or a different perspective. We have a large variety of activities and volunteering oportunities, please have a look at our Events page or email/call for more information.

Getting Better
Provide Community based activities and interests so that we have the opportunity to improve our confidence and well-being.

You may have interests and hobbies you wish to share with our community?

You may feel that a new activity or service is required in our community to improve connections and our sense of belonging?

Better Views Activities?

Social Gardening & Blether

We provide up to 3 social gardening sessions delivered at a number of locations across communities in Alexandria, Dumbarton and Dalmuir. Open to all, there’s always plenty to do and lots to learn in our greenhouse area, raised beds. Alternatively, you can do as little as you want and enjoy a cuppa and chat in relaxed atmosphere in the garden. Session’s typically last 2 to 3 hours, you just need to bring yourself.

Social Cooking and Blether

We provide up to 2 social cooking and blether sessions in Alexandria and Bonhill. There’s something about people coming together, cooking food and sharing their ideas about how to make the most of the food we eat, particularly food grown locally. Sessions last up to 2-3hrs. You’ll find all of this (and more) packed into our well attended Social Cooking Sessions.

“Sow, Grow, Cook... or just chat!”

Signposting & Drop in

It’s important to us that we can signpost our neighbours to other activities in our community. We encourage people to drop by to see us at our location in Bonhill to say hello or get in touch by email or phone. There are activities out there for everyone and if not, you may want to start something!

Self Management Awareness

We provide introduction sessions to self management approaches, via our Mind on Top sessions. The sessions cover what are they and how these can help us take steps to improve our wellbeing or any aspect of our daily routine or outlook. The sessions are short lasting 15mins and are merely an excuse for a cuppa and a chat!

Community volunteering projects

We have found having a structure or routine is very important to maintaining a good outlook. Our volunteering work provides residents with opportunities to participate in community projects which are focused on improving our community’s environment or creating new activities which are important to us.

Community participation volunteers active in the Learn and Grow project at Ladyton ELCC, Bonhill.

“I feel that if my health were not to show any improvement, remaining active may mean, at least, that it might not get any worse”

Start your own Social gardening or cooking group

Get in touch if you or a friend are interested in setting up your own Social group or interested in learning more about our activities.

Email us

“Since I started participating I sleep a lot better”

“Volunteering with Carbon sprouts makes me feel I am contributing something worthwhile to my community.”

I was able to share my knowledge of gardening with other participants”

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