What do you want to change in your community?

What do you want to change in your community


What do you want to change in your community?

Community development is a process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems. We call it getting things done.

How do issues get sorted, new resources or activities for residents? It starts with do-ers like you. There are many ways to be a do-er and our community needs people like you.

Our Support

Community wellbeing (economic, social, environmental and cultural) often evolves from this type of collective action being taken at a grassroots level. We help people and groups to develop idea’s, and to make them a reality in their lives and communities. The can include providing help with :-

Developing ideas and proposals

Conducting community surveys

Funding identification and support.

Community Development

First Step, get in touch if you have an idea for a new activity or you want to change something in your community. We would be delighted to chat to you.

Email us info@theleamyfoundation.com or call on 01389 759 769

Community Development

Community Development

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